The Hip Hop Guide to Foreigners and Their Ways

The meaning of Islam:

The meaning of Chinese philosophies:

The first video is from TheYoungCon / and NuevaBox and has a number of impressive touches. I especially like the rhythmic horn-section flourishes starting around time 0:40, the "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you 'cuz..." refrain, the mismatch of the guy and the lyrics, etc. Subtle, no. Funny, yes. Actually, subtle in some ways too. Eg time 0:35-0:36 and 0:46-0:52 plus others.

The second, which is more homemade in production values and more sincere in intent, is from a recent graduate of Colby College, who made the rap video as a project for his class on Eastern philosophies. The creator, David Havlicek, writes:

>>The lyrics stick very closely to the primary texts of Confucianism, Legalism, Daoism, and Buddhism.  The music is from a song by Afroman called "Palmdale" but I have inserted my own vocals.  Unfortunately, my vocal performance is far from professional, but it certainly adds to the humor of the piece.<<

Each video is valuable in its own way. Next up in this space: a ton of reports from Airbus and Boeing pilots, plus aircraft engineers, about AF 447.