Wait Over: Reporters Have Abandoned DSK's Townhouse

New York City deputy mayor Howard Wolfson snaps a shot of an empty press pen

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We noted earlier today that the scoops coming from Dominique Strauss-Kahn's TriBeCa townhouse-jail are getting smaller and smaller. The press corps in residence seems to have realized that too and, for the most part, departed the stake-out in search of other pursuits on this sunny afternoon. New York Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson tweeted this picture from the press pen on Canal street about a half an hour ago. "Much quieter in TriBeCa today," he said.

The action at a Strauss-Kahn residence was in Washington, D.C. today, not New York. Apparently an open door tripped an alarm system at the former International Monetary Fund director's Georgetown home summoned more than half a dozen police cars, along with two police dogs, but the responding officers and canines found no evidence of a break-in.

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