Israel Asks Apple to Remove Intifada App, Cites 'Disastrous' Possibilities

The Arabic-language iPad app calls for a Palestinian uprising

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In a letter addressed to Steve Jobs, Yuli Edelstein, the Israeli Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Minister, called for the removal of an iPad application that helps to mobilize Palestinian protesters. According to the The Jerusalem Post, the Arabic-language "Third Intifada" app provides users with "information about protest activities, some of them violent, planned against Israel," adding, according to Reuters, "I am convinced that you are aware of this type of application's ability to unite many toward an objective that could be disastrous."

Three months ago, Facebook removed a page under the name "Third Palestinian Intifada" after it had attracted over 340,000 fans and complaints from the Anti Defamation League for it's anti-Semitic message. Facebook spokesperson Andrew Noyes cited the page's "direct calls for violence and expression of hate" in explaining the social network's decision to remove the page.

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