Hundreds of Refugees Missing After Boats Sink Off the Tunisian Coast

Over 200 are missing after multiple boats capsized in the Mediterranean

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Recently we've been seeing a slew of unfortunate reports similar to this one today from Reuters: multiple, rickety fishing boats carrying hundreds of fleeing refugees from North Africa to safer prospects in Italy have capsized enroute in the Mediterranean sea. A combination of rough seas, overcrowding and ill-equipped vessels appear to be the cause of the break downs.

In the latest such incident, 570 migrants have been saved from drowning by the Tunisian coast guard. But reports relying on the nation's news agency indicate that there could be 200-270 people who have gone missing and may have drowned. Larger numbers of migrants, like the one pictured above on the island of Lampedusa, Italy, have been attempting to cross the Mediterranean since unrest began in Libya several months ago.

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