DSK Parcel Delivered to Brooklyn

Religious books sat unnoticed at wine shop that shares Franklin Street address

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Confined to house arrest at his swanky Franklin Street townhouse, Dominique Strauss-Kahn couldn't know that a package for him had ended up across the East River in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint. And at Dandelion Wines, where the bundle of religious books in French and Hebrew sat unnoticed through the weekend, workers had no idea of the significance of the name on the shipping label. "One of them, Tom Athans, accepted the package anyway; he had a ex-girlfriend in France and thought it might be a practical joke," reported The New York Times' Adriane Quinlan. It wasn't until manager Meg McNeill showed up for work on Sunday that they Googled the name and found out its significance. The package had been delivered to 153 Franklin St. in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. McNeill put a photo on her blog on Monday:

"A lot of people around here know only Greenpoint," McNeill told Quinlan. "Everyone is in such a little bubble." So is Strauss-Kahn, who can't leave his house except for religious observance, court dates, and meetings with his lawyer. The books, sent by the Tennessee-based International Board of Jewish Missions, came with a card that McNeill translated. "It says good luck with your troubles.... Here are some books to guide your way." First, somebody needs to guide the books back across the river.

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