The Clearest Video Yet of the Vancouver Riot Couple

A new video has emerged showing the couple caught in the chaos

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Just in case you needed more proof that photo of the couple kissing in the middle of the Vancouver riots wasn't staged, here's a fresh video that shows exactly what happened. Scott Jones and Alex Thomas were scurrying to get out of the way of Vancouver riot police storming towards vandals when the Vancouver riot police hit and tackled the couple. There's a distinctly Canadian moment of apologetic lingering (we're not knocking, here--good on them) before the police leave the two to their romance and run back into the action.


According to an interview with the couple's agent--yes, they've hired an agent--the two will be milking the exposure the image has brought them for as long as possible. The image of the photograph is what's going to stand them in good sted, unlike most newsflash stories," Australian talent agent Max Markson told The Altantic Wire.

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