U.S. Lost the Equivalent of Zimbabwe's GDP, in Cash, in Iraq

The Pentagon doesn't know where $6.6 billion in bundled Iraq reconstruction money

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The Pentagon has no idea where $6.6 billion in Iraq reconstruction money went, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. At the height of the reconstruction effort, C-130 Hercules cargo planes were carrying $2.4 billion each in shrink-wrapped bricks of $100 bills. "They sent an initial full planeload of cash, followed by 20 other flights to Iraq by May 2004 in a $12-billion haul that U.S. officials believe to be the biggest international cash airlift of all time," reports Paul Richter. "This month, the Pentagon and the Iraqi government are finally closing the books on the program that handled all those Benjamins. But despite years of audits and investigations, U.S. Defense officials still cannot say what happened to $6.6 billion in cash." $6 billion!? That's quite a lot of cash. To get a sharper sense, here's what else costs $6 billion:

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