I mentioned yesterday that, as part of China Daily's touching 30th-birthday festivities, it ran some pictures of Premier Wen Jiabao playing basketball with school kids.

Little did I know that a 90-second video of the whole event existed. This truly is incredible, from Wen's outfit to his showoff tricky dribble at time 0:25 to his working the offensive boards to ... well, please see for yourself. Thanks to Damien Ma for pointing this out.

The official English narration conveys the tone (but doesn't say anything about the conducive-to-layups rim height.)

>>Instructed by school teacher Zhang Tao, Wen learnt how to dribble and control the ball.

A successful shot won him a big round of applause from the pupils, the report said.
[I bet!]

Wen said he was "very happy" to join the students, and added that building a strong and healthy body would help them in their studies.

"Only when children are healthy, can the country have a good future. We must keep a healthy body in order to better serve the people," he said.<<

Well put! Nice play by all. And good sportsmanship by Wen Jiabao -- even though he gives every indication of taking this 100% seriously and not as a moment of high campiness potential. (For another time: has there ever been a moment of senior Chinese Communist officials reflecting awareness of the campy or jokey quotient in such events. Probably so, but I can't think of one now.)

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