A Little Home News (UPDATED)

Goldblog -- though not Goldberg himself -- is moving to Tablet Magazine.

Finally I'll be able to express myself Jewishly!

That previous sentence contains a joke. The Atlantic has many great qualities, not least among them that it allows people in its Voices section to speak in their authentic voices, and my authentic voice, apparently, is Jewish. In case you haven't noticed.

I don't make this move lightly (and it's not happening quite yet -- I'll be blogging there next month), but I think we're entering a period of huge disruption in the relationship between America and Israel, and between American Jews and Israelis, and I want to be able to focus on these conflicts in an intensely granular way, inside the Jewish community. Tablet is the most exciting Jewish publication I've seen since I worked, in the previous century, at the Seth Lipsky-led Forward, and it is becoming the hub of the worldwide Jewish conversation.

I'm still staying here at The Atlantic, of course, to write the long-form magazine pieces (plus my perishable advice column) that you've come to love, or hate, depending on who you are. More information to come.

UPDATE: A number of Goldblog readers have asked what I mean when I suggest that Tablet is the place to have this intense conversation about American Jews and Israel. They point out, with some accuracy, that I've been writing about these issues for years at The Atlantic. This is true, but it is also true that I'm hesitant, on many occasions, to go too far into the weeds on this blog on subjects of specific, detailed Jewish interest. For example: I'm interested in the doctrinal differences between the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, but I don't think the website of a general interest, global magazine of ideas, politcs and culture like this one is the place to dilate endlessly on such particularistic matters. Nor, for that matter, is this the place to delve into the subject -- a fascinating one, for me -- on internal Shas Party politics. Sure, I could do it here once in a while, but I'm cognizant of the fact that The Atlantic is not Ha'aretz.

Which brings me to this delightful letter, just received:

you write like the Atlantic isn't jew enough. Most of the people in the elite media like the atlantic are jewish. Thats why youre magazine defends Hussein Obama and every perverted liberal cause, because its filled with jews.

I believe only a relatively small number of The Atlantic's employees are Jewish, but I also believe that most of the non-Jews at The Atlantic would take pride in being labeled "pervert Jews." Which is one of the reasons I love this place.