What Four Miles of Yemeni Protesters Looks and Sounds Like

Massive crowds gathered in the capital as Ali Abdullah Saleh remained defiant

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On the same day that Ali Abdullah Saleh defiantly pledged to "defend" his country "by all means" and warned protesters to "stop playing with fire," Reuters reports that armored vehicles, troops, and military academy students with batons fanned out across the capital, Sanaa, as a "sea of protesters" gathered in a main street for four miles straight, chanting "we are steadfast, you leader of the corrupt" and "peaceful, peaceful, no to civil war." The anti-government demonstrators displayed the bodies of 13 protesters killed during bloody clashes with security forces on Wednesday at the speaker's platform. What does a "sea of protesters" look and sound like? NPR's Andy Carvin has come across video of the event, and it's breathtaking--unlike any other protest footage we've seen so far:

Reuters is also reporting that two people were killed and 15 wounded today when Yemeni troops fired at protesters in Ibb, a city south of Sanaa. Carvin has highlighted a video of demonstrators in the city throwing rocks at an armored vehicle:

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