'To Make Peace, You Have to Live on the Same Planet'

Osama Bin Laden Marc Tracy on Hamas's all-too-believable decision to laud Osama Bin Laden, and what it means for the so-called peace process:

"...Hamas's take on bin Laden's killing is... unbelievably disturbing. (It is also far from shocking: Both Hamas and al-Qaeda are jihadist entities; longtime bin Laden mentor Abdullah Azzam helped found Hamas. So let's dispense with the myth that this was merely a case of "bad P.R." on Hamas's part. This isn't P.R.; this is policy. And that remains true even if Hamas was motivated in part to shore up its hardline flank. It's very simple: Hamas is against the killing of bin Laden.) You can make compromises--you can make peace--with those with whom you disagree, even vehemently. But you have to be living on the same planet. And people who unequivocally condemn the killing of bin Laden are not living on the same planet as mainstream Israelis, and Israelis shouldn't be required to move to that planet in order to make peace.