After Ten Days and Death Speculation, a Qaddafi Video

A state television broadcast of the Libyan leader may not resolve the question

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Several news outlets are reporting that Muammar Qaddafi appeared on Libyan state television moments ago in order to prove that he's alive and healthy. The video shows Qaddafi meeting with tribal leaders at a Tripoli hotel, but according to Al Jazeera, there's no way to tell when the video was shot.

Speculation over whether the Libyan president may have been killed in the air raid that took the life of his son, Saif Qaddafi, is dominating headlines around the world this week, and state officials refuse to comment either way. This afternoon, the White House dodged a question of Qaddafi in a press conference, and a NATO spokesman indicated yesterday that the coalition doesn't know whether Qaddafi is dead or alive and frankly doesn't care.

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