Strauss-Kahn Held Without Bail; Graphic Details Released

IMF director seen as flight risk as criminal complaint describes alleged assault

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A judge in New York today ordered Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French politician and one-time head of the International Monetary Fund, to be held without bail on charges that he sexually assaulted a maid in a Manhattan hotel. At the same time, a charging document made available after the arraignment outlines the graphic details of the allegations against the man who had been seen as a contender for the French presidency.

Judge Melissa Jackson told Strauss-Kahn's lawyers she believed he was a flight risk. Strauss-Kahn was arrested on Saturday on board a flight to Paris from New York's John F Kennedy International Airport. "When I hear that your client was at JFK airport about to board a flight, that raises some concerns," the judge said.

Strauss-Kahn, who could face 25 years in prison for the alleged attempted rape, did not enter a plea during his arraignment today, reports Manhattan news site DNAinfo. "Strauss-Kahn shook his head and looked downcast as the judge announced her decision, and conferred with his attorney Benjamin Brafman before and after the brief court appearance Monday afternoon.

Assistant District Attorney Artie McConnell agreed with the judge's decision, telling DNAinfo, "Millions of dollars would be a small price for him to pay for his freedom and the chance to avoid prosecution for his crime ... He has almost no incentive to stay in this country and every incentive and resource in which to leave it."

The criminal complaint against Strauss-Kahn has gone up on the Smoking Gun, and it's pretty graphic:

But Strauss-Kahn's lawyers said he had an alibi for the time at which the assault allegedly happened. A Reuters report says France's RMC Radio "said the lawyers had pieced together Strauss-Kahn's movements and found that he left the hotel at midday, after paying his bill and handing in his key, then went to eat with his daughter and took a taxi to the airport." That means he had left the hotel by the time the maid claimed he assaulted her. The lawyers said he would plead not guilty.

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