Reuters Buys Photos of Three Dead Bodies from Bin Laden Raid

As President Obama decides not to release photos of Osama bin Laden's body

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Reuters bought photos of three dead bodies from the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the news agency's Andrees Latif reports. The wire service got the images from an anonymous Pakistani security official and is "confident" they’re the real deal--they were taken in sequence, are the same size, and the time and date match the file's metadata, all indications they haven’t been tampered with. The photos also the wrecked helicopter lost during the raid. None of the men are bin Laden.

The dead people pictured are three men, all lying on their backs in pools of blood. No weapons are visible, but the pictures were taken close-up, and you can’t see both of the men’s hands. One man is wearing a white t-shirt, lying in a huge pool of dark red blood that looks like it came from a head wound. The other two are wearing traditional Pakistani clothes and have blood coming out of their noses, eyes and mouths. The floor underneath them is different, indicating they died in separate rooms. The first of the photos were taken an hour after the raid.

Here's an images of the compound:

Photos of the helicopter that had to be destroyed during the raid:

Wreckage outside the house:

The grounds:

Photos by Reuters

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