ICC to Request Arrest Warrants for Qaddafi and Son

ICC prosecutor says they and intelligence chief committed crimes against humanity

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Last week it came out that prosecutors with the International Criminal Court were seeking war crimes charges against some in the Libyan government, likely to include Col. Muammar Qaddafi. Last night, Al Arabiya confirmed that Qaddafi was indeed one of those the court wanted to charge. Prosecutors want to arrest him, along with his son Saif Al Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah Al Senussi for war crimes and crimes against humanity, the news channel reported.

The three are to be charged with crimes including using rape as a weapon, shooting protestors, and "systemic arrests, torture, killings, deportations, enforced disappearances and destruction of mosques," Al Jazeera reported last week.

The court will release the full list of those to be indicted sometime next week, but getting them into the courtroom will be another matter entirely. As the Guardian pointed out last week, the ICC has no police force and relies on member states to make arrests. Libya is not a member, and likely won't cooperate.

"Many Libyan ambassadors have defected and abandoned Mr. Qaddafi over the continuing crackdown against demonstrators and rebels in the country," Al Arabiya notes. "However the Libyan ambassador to Belgium, Mr. Al Hadi Ahmed Hudaiba, did not defect. He received the ICC letter asking the Libyan authorities to immediately arrest those who are indicted by the ICC judges."

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