New Fukushima Footage: Walking Inside the Plant

Tokyo Electric releases silent footage from inside and outside the crippled nuclear plant

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Up to now, many images we've seen of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station have been blurry, handout stills of the crippled reactors or photos of robot investigators roaming inside the plant. Today, the Tokyo Electric Power Company is circulating a new 13 minute silent video that amounts to a brief walking tour of a facility deemed as dangerous as Chernobyl.

The company shot the footage on May 6th, and cameras capture the workers spraying parts of the reactor and pan across much of the wrecked facility. As the Times Lede Blog noted, on the company's website TEPCO has provided a near shot-by-shot guide to everything observed: beginning with a long shot of Reactor's 1 and 2 and including the inside of the first floor of the turbine building in Reactor 1 (pictured above), shots of spare protective equipment for workers and the inside of the emergency headquarters. Watch below:

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