Netanyahu Still Thinks Obama's Peace Plan Leaves Israel 'Indefensible'

Addressing AIPAC, hecklers repeatedly interrupted the Israeli prime minister

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In a speech Monday night to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC in Washington, DC, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that Israel could not return to what he called "indefensible" 1967 borders that President Obama proposed in his Middle East speech. Obama clarified in a speech to AIPAC over the weekend that the other dimension of his peace proposal--land swaps between the Israelis and Palestinians to account for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and other "realities on the ground"--effectively meant that an Israel-Palestine border would be a modified version of the one that existed in 1967. Netanyahu promised to outline his vision for "a secure Israeli-Palestinian peace" during an address to a joint session of Congress today but added that peace had so far proven elusive because the "Palestinians refuse to accept the Jewish state." Here's a brief video with the highlights of Netanyahu's speech:

Al Arabiya notes that Netanyahu's speech "drew roaring cheers and standing ovations, a sign of the powerful backing he enjoys in the US." But the speech was also interrupted repeatedly by protesters (some of whom are Jewish) from the group Move Over AIPAC who criticized the Israeli government's policies toward the Palestinians. The group has posted footage of the hecklers:

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