Images of the Aftermath of Spain's Earthquake

Killing at least 10 and damaging buildings in the small town of Lorca

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On Wednesday, a deadly earthquake hit the small town of Lorca in southeastern Spain. The 5.3 magnitude quake killed at least ten and forced many of the municipality's citizens to spend a night in tents outside in fear that even more buildings would collapse. By early morning, many people returned to their homes to survey the damage, collect personal belongs and take pictures.

One of the early, harrowing anecdotes to emerge from the first reports was that of a Spanish TV reporter.The Associated Press relayed that as the newsman was filing a live report, part of a church's facade came crashing down, nearly missing the seemingly calm reporter. Here's what appears to be that video, below:

Lorca citizens spending the night out in the open.

A large crowd gathers out in the open. Ambulances and makeshift shelters seen in the background.

A completely collapsed building in Lorca.

Rescue workers appraise damage to an unnamed building in Lorca.

A firefighter sifts through the rubble of a building early Thursday morning.

A family huddles together in the early morning hours.

A man walks past a painted wall, damaged car.

A policeman and a small crowd gather outside.

All images provided by AP and Reuters

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