You've heard of post-Zionism? Alon Pinkas accuses Bibi Netanyahu of being a pre-Zionist (this is from behind a Jerusalem Post paywall):

Netanyahu interprets Jewish history as a series of tragedies and near-annihilations of our civilization. While not inaccurate, it is a patently pre and post Zionist narrative. Don't allow things like Dimona, F-15s, Dolphin-class submarines, the Weitzman Institute or Teva confuse you. According to the Pm, we're on the brink of catastrophe.

Netanyahu chose the phrase "1967 lines" as a casus belli with Obama. 1967 is not the agenda, and nor did the president say anything different from what his predecessors have been saying since, well, 1967, when former president Lyndon Johnson endorsed UN Security Council Resolution 242.

"Dimona," by the way, is Israeli-press code-word for Israel's nuclear program, developed in the desert town of Dimona. What Pinkas is saying here, I think, is that Netanyahu has something of a Diaspora mentality -- he undervalues Israel's defensive capability because he is overwhelmed by Jewish history. In the matter of Iran, of course, he is correct in assessing the Persian Empire's nuclear program as an existential threat, but the Jews are not powerless against this threat.