Initial Air France 447 Black Box Data Point to Crew Error

But voice recordings crucial to understanding the crash haven't been recovered

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Investigators scrutinizing the data recorder of Air France Flight 447, which was recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month, have said they found no technical faults with the plane. They suggested actions by the pilots and crew must be seen as the cause of the mysterious 2009 crash. Airbus, the plane's manufacturer, sent a memo to its customers worldwide advising them not to take precautionary measures. An article in Le Figaro, the memo reads:

"at this stage of preliminary analysis of the Flight Data Recorder ... Airbus has no immediate recommendation to to its operators. Updates will be provided as soon as significant items are available or Airbus is authorized to issue more information in accordance with the investigation. "

However, analysts haven't yet recovered the contents of the voice recording device, which Air France told Le Figaro would be critical to understanding what happened during the flight's last few minutes in the air.

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