How to Avoid Killing the Peace Process

Aaron David Miller:

There's talk of Obama giving a big speech and laying out American ideas on the Middle East after the Netanyahu visit. But it's debatable whether that would change anything, particularly in the wake of the Fatah-Hamas union. It's also not a great idea from a negotiator's point of view to lay out American ideas and principles when they can be picked apart and devalued months before talks could begin.

Instead of such public diplomacy, the president night try to see what he can get out of Netanyahu privately in exchange for a joint strategy against Palestinian statehood, and then try to work -- again, quietly -- with Mahmoud Abbas.

It's an uphill battle. But it will keep things alive. One thing is clear; a push for a moment of truth now, a big speech, a demand for answers to tough questions, and the peace process will really be D.O.A.