Headlines from the Arab World on Bin Laden's Death

A look at the nuances in headline-writing

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The Wire already brought you the front page headlines from American newspapers. How did outlets in the Arab world cover bin Laden's killing? Just as we shouldn't confuse Al-Qaeda with the religion it claims (as per President Obama's clarification last night) we shouldn't confuse bin Laden with the Arab nationality from which he happens to hail. That said, there's something fascinating in seeing how American coverage of bin Laden's killing overlaps with and differs from what one might call the local press--applied rather broadly, here, as several pan-Arab dailies are in fact organizationally based out of London. Have a look:

Al-Quds Al-Arabi, though often considered one of the more aggressive and less Western-friendly publications of those listed here, goes with a pretty generic headline.

The international, London-based Asharq Al-Awsat actually keeps the spotlight on the continuing protests and government crackdown in Syria.

Al Jazeera has one of the more striking, action-packed headlines.

Egyptian government-affiliated Al-Ahram focuses on the religious concerns in the disposal of bin Laden's remains.

Pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat goes with the simplest approach.

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