Man Gets Caught Smuggling a 'Zoo' Through Airport Security

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Some guy tried to smuggle multiple leopards, panthers, a black bear and two macaque monkeys through Thailand's international airport. He drugged the baby animals, stuffed them in cages in his suitcases and tried to head to his first-class Dubai flight inconspicuously. His plan, presumably, was to sell the exotic species on the black market where they could net $5,000 a piece.

It didn't go down that way. Undercover anti-trafficking Thai authorities nabbed the smuggler before he could make his flight. And although the guy is already out of jail on bail, the drugged animals appeared to be saved without additional harm. In the AP video below, Steven Galstor, an anti-trafficking who was present at the event, narrates the man's "virtual zoo in his suitcases" and shows footage of the caged animals:

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