I suppose because Mahmoud Abbas wrote (or "wrote," because who knows who put it together for him) an unhelpful op-ed in the Times about the future -- such as it is -- of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, a Likudnik would have to come in and write an equally unhelpful op-ed today. This op-ed was written by Danny Danon, a particularly ornery hardliner, who suggests the following:

While most voices in the Israeli and international news media are calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to grant major concessions to the Palestinians to forestall such a move, he should in fact do the opposite: he should annex the Jewish communities of the West Bank, or as Israelis prefer to refer to our historic heartland, Judea and Samaria.

Excellent idea. And the cost-savings will be huge -- just shutting down the embassies in all those countries that break diplomatic relations with Israel would save millions of shekels. Danon goes on to write:

"(A) United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood would give Israel an opportunity to rectify the mistake we made in 1967 by failing to annex all of the West Bank (as we did the eastern half of Jerusalem). We could then extend full Israeli jurisdiction to the Jewish communities and uninhabited lands of the West Bank. This would put an end to a legal limbo that has existed for 44 years."

Read that again, in case you don't believe what you're seeing -- Danon thinks it was a mistake for Israel not to annex the entire West Bank after 1967. If Israel had done that, and had not granted voting rights to the Palestinians... well, you fill in the rest.

The majority of Israelis, I still believe, want their country to be Jewish and democratic. Danon isn't one of them, apparently.