Comment of the Day: Would You Notice if Your Boss Was Dead?

A commenter explains why Al Qaeda confirming Bin Laden's death makes perfect sense

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Today, Al Qaeda confirmed bin Laden's death in postings on militant websites while promising revenge. How could Al Qaeda "confirm" the death, given that the U.S. took the body away in a helicopter and arranged a burial at sea? One commenter asked precisely this. Your NameMe responded with this:

If your boss at work was killed do you think you wouldn't know? Im not saying if you worked for say the CIA you would but for the normal person if their boss was killed it would probably be known to their employees. So if one of the biggest leaders of the Al Qaeda were killed wouldn't you think the others would 1) hear about it and 2) want revenge? Why would it be so hard to believe even if they didn't see the body if he's not "showing up" for work anymore someone will notice!

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