Comment of the Day: What It Would Take to Frame DSK

A commenter evaluates the Strauss-Kahn conspiracy theories

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Earlier today The Atlantic Wire brought you a guide to the various theories floating around as to how Dominique Strauss-Kahn could have been "trapped" or framed. Some, particularly in France, have already speculated that the current sexual assault allegations are a set-up. Commenter Mujokan took the matter apart:

He will have presumption of innocence in court, and of course journalists should not poison the well. We ordinary folk are allowed to parse probabilities. 

The main point so far is that according to the NY Post, he will be claiming a consensual encounter. So his enemies had to find a maid scheduled to clean his room, who was prepared to seduce him, to lie about it to the cops, and to keep up the pretense under cross-examination, while being utterly convincing and never turning coat.

Furthermore, these enemies had to hit immediately on a woman willing to go through with this diabolical scheme, having sex and lying about it to send a man to prison for decades, instead of just reporting the approach to the police as you or I would. If they'd approached one maid before this, if she hadn't gone to the cops immediately she'd be going to the press right now.

First pitch and they hit it out of the park. And the woman is (according to neighbors) a shy, headscarf-wearing devout Muslim mother.

What are the chances of that happening? I'd say about one in ten million, if I was being charitable.

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