Carla Bruni Is Pregnant Says Sarkozy's Father

Did a proud grandfather-to-be slip up and break the news? Or was this always the plan?

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Pal Sarkozy, father of the French president, confirmed rumors that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is expecting. As the French officials have refused for weeks to confirm or deny rumors of her pregnancy, the fact that her father-in-law apparently leaked the news to the German tabloid Bild is interesting. "I'm proud to be having a grandchild," Pal told the paper. "The couple wants to know the child's sex, but I'm sure it will be a girl as beautiful as Carla."

Though all signs point to a pregnancy, Nicolas and Carla have kept mum on the issue for political reasons. Citing privacy concerns for her family, the French first lady refused to comment as recently as this week, after one fashion magazine reported the French first lady bought €300 worth of maternity clothes from H&M. (Carla shops at real people stores?! She's just like Michelle!) The Elysée has stayed similarly silent apparently in order to avoid accusations that the president would use the pregnancy to win public favor in the months leading up to the 2012 elections in France. We have to wonder: did Sarkozy's father get duped by an enterprising young German gossip reporter into leaking the news? Or will the French just say so in order to deflect those accusations? Regardless the couple's good news seems a welcome distraction from the very negative headlines being written another French politician.

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