Bin Laden's Handwritten Journal Nabbed in the Raid

It was seized in Abbottabad along with flash drives and computers

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Osama bin Laden's diary, handwritten journal, or some sort of notebook where the terrorist scrawled his thoughts was reportedly seized during the Abbottabad raid. Details about the journal appear to be slim right now, the Associated Press report only relays that the item was nabbed during the same original raid on the compound that, alongside leading to bin Laden's death, also yielded 100 flash drives and multiple computers.

National Journal, however, has also been informed by a U.S. official about the contents of the handwritten journal and adds additional details. Namely, the journal contains mostly "professional observations" about Al Qaeda that doesn't include "personal reflections" from bin Laden. "'There doesn’t seem to be anything in there like, 'I had trouble with one of my wives today,'" the official told the Journal.

This past weekend, edited selections of the terrorist leader's home videos, also recovered during the raid (screenshots pictured above), were shown to reporters.

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