Al-Qaeda Threatens Obama's Grandmother

Police officers are now patrolling her home in Kenya 24 hours a day

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ABC News is reporting that Kenyan police are guarding the home of President Obama's step-grandmother in Kenya around the clock after al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based al-Qaeda affiliate, threatened her life. ABC learns that while security was added to Sarah Hussein Obama's house the day after Osama bin Laden's death, the number of officers has increased since al-Shabaab leveled its threat, to the point where there are now enough officers to patrol her entire village of Kogelo in West Kenya, according to one police chief.

In an interview with ABC, Obama's 88-year-old grandmother (pictured above in 2008) didn't seem particularly concerned, however. "My life has not been affected in any way," she said. "If the government has decided to bring more security personnel, we are OK with it."

Following ABC's report, CBS News got in touch with an "expert involved in security matters" at the U.S. embassy in Kenya, who told the news outlet that there is no new or credible threat against "Mama Sarah." CBS adds that "the al-Shabaab threat may amount to little more than posturing. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates have issued numerous threats in the wake of bin Laden's killing, most of them broad threats of reprisal against the West and assertions of the groups' continuing relevancy."

Here's a video with ABC's report:

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