Touring Abbottabad with the Guy Who Live-Tweeted the Raid

Sohaib Athar is now sharing pictures of his charming hometown

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The discovery of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan (pronounced "AHB-tah-bahd") has generated a flurry of interest in the once-obscure town. Fortunately, the world has a guide: Sohaib Athar, otherwise known as the guy who accidentally tweeted the raid on bin Laden's compound. Ever since Athar's brush with history, he's taken up the mantle of the wold's eyes and ears in Abbottabad. For the last two days, as the Village Voice's Jen Doll notes, he's been trotting about town, snapping photos of bin Laden's mansion and other "lovely pics" of the surrounding area, and posting them on Twitter. "The images I uploaded (from my cellphone) can be used freely," he wrote two hours ago. So here's a look at Athar's tour de Abbottabad, with his captions included:

"surrounding the compound"

"area surrounding the compound"

"compound area"

"The guy with the cap was asking the reporter to show proof of OBL's death before he'll answer any questions"

"just a reminder (I hope)"


"A guy who used to live in la Den gave this bunny (two in fact) to a neighborhood kid."

"At last, somebody was seen hiding behind a rock!"

A picture of Athar at work

"The street behind the hideout. More smiles than frowns."

For more, check out Athar's Twitter feed

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