A Cornucopia of Hate Mail, Obama (and Goldblog) Edition

Well, it seems that if you state that Barack Obama might be correct in his analysis of Israel's essential national security conundrum, and that Benjamin Netanyahu ought to think a bit more strategically about his relationship with the U.S., you're a self-hating Jew, a kapo, a Nazi, and also, for some reason, gay.

The hate mail has come in a flood. Usually, my hate mail is from Nazis and Hamas sympathizers, decrying my bloodthirsty, neoconnish tendencies. Now the hate mail is coming from the right. Much of it is indicative of how the discussion about Barack Obama on the right has become unmoored from reality. I think this particular wave was launched in part by a post on a daft right-wing website called Gateway Pundit, which featured a post about me under the headline, "Far Left Israel Hater Jeffrey Goldberg Attacks Netanyahu For Defending Jewish Homeland." Me, a far-left Israel-hater! Would someone please alert Glenn Greenwald about this stunning new development?

I usually don't share my hate mail with Goldblog readers, but this has been such an extraordinary outpouring that I can't help myself. Most of these letters, naturally, contain basic errors of grammar and spelling.

Here's one letter that came in with the subject line: "Nazi Scumbag piece of shit coward moron mass murderering traitor":

 I never bothered to see who you were before.  These days it only
takes a few minutes to ask, who is Jeff Goldberg?  Answer, one of
those mass murdering Nazis who the American People put on Reality TV
and voted to hang by the neck until dead for mass murder and treason.
Stan Lippman

This letter begs the question, Why can't I be both?

you're just another liberal asshole, or a self-loathing Jew.
Probably both.
What a dick!
Parker Shannon

Here I am being accused of perpetrating a genocide that has not yet taken place:

    How dare you scold Prime Minister Netanyahu for not agreeing with Obamas disturbing policy towards Israel. You are another weak , liberal whining Jew. Who is an embarrassment to the rest of us Jews!
Weak losers like your self will set us up for another holocaust!! You idiot!!
David barry

I particularly enjoy it when haters end their letters with warm sign-offs:

I support Israel....do you?
Obama is an un-experienced young communist, what is your excuse for being anti-Israeli?
take care.

Here is a case in which my affection for lox is used against me:

Jews in particular must decide where they stand - with an anti-Israel president, or against him.  Any Jew who contributes to or votes for Obama in 2012 is a JINO - a Jew in name only, a bagels and lox non-entity without the backbone or the intestinal fortitude to stand up for his or her brothers and sisters who now stand a little closer to destruction thanks to a vain and careless speech by our president

One man is a patriot who loves his country

The other man plays midnight basketball.

Can you guess which is which?

In this letter, I am promised a future in a Nazi oven unless I rethink my analysis of the Middle East situation:

Dear Mr. Golberg,
It is sad that you really believe that the Us doesn't need Israel.  It is also the kind or remark that someone who knows what world politics are today should not make.  The Us does need Israel, and your sarcasm is out of place.
I don't know anything about you or your ancestors, but there were many people named "Goldberg"  who truly believed they belonged to a world where being part of their Jewish ancestry was just a burden.  Unfortunately, neither they nor their families were lucky to be born Americans, and only the memory of their ashes remains.  Do not be mistaken, history repeats itself, and if by any chance you have any genetic connection to the people of Israel, you should keep in mind that Americans do need us, especially if they happen to be Jews.
Hana Baruh

With this next letter, it is true that I am tired:

You are a tired whore who spends your days sucking obamer dick.

This letter-writer apparently believes that the President of the United States is not a Christian:

Goldberg . . . perhaps a Jew? If you are, and if you have an ounce of decency, you'll stop your love affair with this evil muslim who resides in our White House. Mr. Netanyahu is being sold out by the ba$tard who is in complete agreement with the anti-Semites who want to cut your and your religious followers' head off while you're still alive. Ruthless and bloody ba$tards!

I'll never understand the Jews' absolute love affair with one of the biggest anti-Semites in our American history.

This writer associates me with George Soros:

All of your Soros Bolshevik Kapo assholes, Pox on your Kapo, fuck you!!!

And this person thinks that Kenyan gay people are very bad. Or something:

Some of us christians and Jews dont want to be fucked in the ass by kenyan mow-mow moslims and were glad thats there is someone like the presdient of Israel to stand up against faggotJews like you!!

Mow-mow! Now here is a very common theme, Obama as Muslim anti-Semite:

I fervently pray each and every day that Obama should discover a functioning moral compass.  I pray, but I do not expect these prayers to be answered.

You sir are a disgrace to the Jews, even you must realize that Obama's Muslim leanings are just the exterior indicators of his anti-Semitism.

Shame on you

Robert Fischbein

Then, of course, there is the ALL-CAPS SPECIAL:


Finally (and there are a hundred more, by the way), there is this, which covers quite a number of issues:

All you care about is Oprah, and J-Street, and CNN, and BBC, and Hamas, and Andrew Sullivan, and NPR, and the New York Times and every other liberal freak organization.

*** While children, people, babies are being murdered in cold blood in Israel. ***

But you are in the US, safe, getting rich writing anti-Israel article. Remember Goldberg, when the Nation of Islam gets to power, where are you going to run? Iceland? Papua? Cyprus? No, you are going to want to run to the one country where you would be safe. But by then, it will be gone, because TRAITOR left-wing Jews like you have helped to destroy it.

When a country allows homosexuality and abortions, morality is gone. When morality is gone, the evil, like you, flourish and good suffers. Jon Stewart makes millions mocking those who wish to protect Israel, and you think Jon Stewart is great. Good for you! You love The Onion, good for you! The evil are dancing, singing, rejoicing. They have the upper hand. They've had it since the 1960's. And here is where we are today, trillions in debt, listening to NPR.

It's a cycle.

May you burn in hell for all eternity. Amen.

To answer one allegation, yes, it is true, should disaster strike, I'll be running to Papua.