That's how much money Bin Laden had sewn into his clothes in case he had to flee suddenly -- 500 Euros! According to Jonathan Allen, that's $740 today. Five hundred Euros might get you two nights at the Quetta Serena Hotel (a lovely place, by the way) but not much else. A roundtrip last-minute tiecket on the Delta Shuttle, maybe?

Either he was broke, or he never expected to have to flee.

Here's what else $740 would have gotten Bin Laden:
A Princess Line Alaska cruise;
A lovely wall-mounted desk;
A two-bed, one-bath apartment in Chicago for a month;
A flat-screen TV on eBay;
Just about anything in Skymall;
A Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS electric guitar, in case he decided that music wasn't, in fact, a tool of Satan;
A Bushmaster E2S Target Rifle, not that it would have helped much.