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The White House is demanding the release of the four journalists who were detained on Tuesday by Libyan government troops, Press Secretary Jay Carney said at today's press briefing. The journalists, two of whom are American, are thought to be held in a government detention center in Tripoli.

"We call ... for the release of any journalists detained, any human rights activists, anyone detained unlawfully or inappropriately, and in this case, specifically with those journalists in mind, we call on and demand their release," Carney said.

U.S. citizens Clare Morgana Gillis, a freelancer who writes for The Atlantic and USA Today, and James Foley of Global Post were detained on Tuesday along with Spanish photographer Manuel (Manu) Varela de Seijas Brabo and South African photographer Anton Lazarus Hammerl. Gillis, Foley, and Brabo were last seen on Thursday at a government detention facility in Tripoli, where they were reportedly being treated well by government captors. The Atlantic has been unable to confirm whether Hammerl was also present at the detention center.

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