Tim Hetherington in Sierra Leone

'Documenting conflict' took a photographer and film-maker around the world, and ultimately to his death in Libya. This was a stop along the way.

I mentioned earlier the powerful movie Restrepo that Tim Hetherington, who was killed today in Libya, and Sebastian Junger had produced.

To get a further idea of what Hetherington's work in "documenting conflict" around the world has involved, you can watch this video of his interactions a few years ago with students at a school for the blind in Sierra Leone. Of course the children had mainly been blinded intentionally by the notorious Revolutionary United Force that had terrorized the country.

The video itself is gentle rather than gruesome. I mention it as another indication of the lengths to which reporters and photographers around the world go in order to make sure events are witnessed and understood. In the commentary by Hetherington and his discussions with the children it also conveys a sense of the personality and values of one of the (many) people who died in Libya today.