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Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married in nine days. Until then, royal-fatigued media outlets will have to keep coming up with new and highly-specific ways of covering the wedding. Here are some of the ways newspapers managed to keep the couple and the ceremony in the news yesterday, a.k.a. t-10. More to come on today's t-9 roundup.

"Philip Treacy 'very busy' creating Royal wedding hats" -- USA Today

You might not recognize Philip Treacy's name, but you should--he's a "famous milliner whose creations are nothing short of art." Along with his duties as pseudo-celebrity profile subject, he's also designing all the hats for the wedding.

"A brunch fit for a princess" -- Toronto Sun

What would Kate Middleton eat if she was watching Kate Middleton get married? The Toronto Sun goes through the looking glass and returns a surprising answer--crunching mango parfait and a tuna sandwich.

"How do you get a coat of arms?" - BBC

Unless you're marrying a prince the answer seems to be: by being a poser. "Generic family heraldic designs may be widely sold in gift shops and hung in the living rooms of the socially aspirational," writes the BBC with barely masked disdain.

"Wedding to boost U.K. retail" -- The Wall Street Journal

It's not just the commemorative plate industry that's thriving in the lead up to the wedding. The Journal says the day off will lead to a  "predicted boost of around £530 million" for the British economy

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