More People Die in Afghan Protests Over Koran Burning

Hundreds took to the streets of Taliban-stronghold Kandahar

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Protest in Afghanistan, triggered by the burning of a Koran in the U.S., have continued for a second day and claimed about ten lives. Today's events in Kandahar come just a day after mobs attacked and killed 20 UN workers in Mazar-i-Sharif. According to the BBC's Pete Woods, authorities are blaming the Taliban for the protests, but they deny involvement.

Although not as deadly as yesterday's attack, which was the worst the UN had seen in Afghanistan since 2001, the protests lasted throughout the day with the crowds calling for death to Americans and the Afghan government. Thousands took part in the protest, with over 80 people injured and 10 dead. All causalities are being attributed to bullet wounds, The New York Times reports. Many were seen waving the white flag of the Taliban. Kandahar has long been viewed as a center of the Taliban insurgency.

As noted here yesterday, some are blaming Pastor Terry Jones for the violent protests. The continued violence ensures that debate over Jones's role in inciting the protests will not end anytime soon.

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