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Though the French are legally banned from imbibing in alcoholic beverages at work, "wine, beer, apple cider and pear cider," are fair game. In that case, is it so much to ask that riot police be afforded the same right to enjoy a mid-day glass of beer or pear cider with lunch? Apparently, it is. The BBC reports today in what we like to call its semi-regular "Look What the French Are Doing Now" feature, that, in response to some cops being photographed simultaneously boozing and policing a demonstration last year, they will soon be prohibited from drinking any alcohol while on the job.

At least one riot police union is appealing this new rule and threatening to strike. "[They're] trying to turn us into priests, but without the altar wine," Didier Mangione, the union's national secretary, told the Telegraph. "Nobody should object to a small drink on jobs. CRS officers do not have any more or less alcohol problems than anybody else in society. They should be allowed to drink in moderation." Mangione's union argues it should at least be allowed a drink "if meals are taken out of the view of the public." Because if no one sees you it didn't really happen, right? Keep in mind that we're talking about riot police.

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