The Bombing of Muammar Qaddafi's Compound in Photos

A government spokesman says NATO's "message" was delivered to the "wrong address"

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Early Monday morning in Libya, NATO warplanes struck Muammar Qaddafi's compound in Tripoli for the third time since coalition forces intervened in the country, targeting an office complex where Qaddafi works and meets with visitors. Libyan officials reported injuries but no deaths, according to Al Arabiya, and that goes for Qaddafi himself. In a written statement, government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim condemned the bombing as a NATO attempt to assassinate the Libyan leader but added his own dig: "The message that was sent by NATO in the early hours of this morning was sent to the wrong address."

Shortly after the attack, government officials took foreign journalists on a tour of the compound. The pictures from the trip shed light on the extent of the damage.

In this AP photo, Qaddafi supporters inspect the destruction:

In this Reuters photo, a Libyan soldier walks through a battered conference room:

Another Reuters photo shows a kitchen in the aftermath of the bombing:

Firefighters check out Qaddafi's office, now reduced to rubble, in this AFP/Getty photo:

Another AFP/Getty photo shows Qaddafi supporters fanning out across another part of the Libyan leader's destroyed office:

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