Who's Contributing What to the Libya Intervention?

We couldn't find a report that had it all in one place, so we went digging

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Multilateral support has been a crucial condition of U.S. involvement in the Libya no-fly zone plans. Presumably, no one wants another Iraq. So how multilateral is this Libya intervention, when you get down to counting F-16s? Is the international community putting its fighter jets where its mouth is? We couldn't find official counts on the numbers all in one place, so we investigated: here's what we've pieced together for an unofficial, country-by-country tally of coalition forces using what we found from international reports.

United States: The U.S. has used 3 B2 Stealth Bombers in Libya, as well as another 16 F-15 and F-16 fighters, reports The Telegraph. 11 U.S. warships were in the waters near Tripoli over the weekend--including three submarines, and two warships, all five of which fired cruise missiles on Saturday, according to The New York Times

France: The country has commited at least 40 aircraft and "numerous ships" reports The New York Times, including the Charles de Gaulle, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. According to The Telegraph, at least 20 French fighter jets have been used.

Spain: Spain has contributed four F-18 fighers as well as a refueling aircraft, and has plans to use an F-100 frigate, an S-74 submarine, and a CN-235 surveillance plane to help once its parliament approves, reports the AFP. Spain has also said it would allow NATO forces to used two military bases, according to the report.

Italy: The former colonial ruler of Libya has had an integral role in the coalition. The country has opened up seven military bases for use by allied forces, and yesterday day contributed eight aircraft: four anti-radar 'Tornados' and four fighter jets, according to the AP. 11 ships from Italy were available in the Mediterranean, according to The New York Times on Saturday.

Canada: Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay said that the country would send six CF-18 fighter planes to be based in Italy, as well as 140 to 150 support personnel from the Canadian Forces, according to The Globe and Mail. The New York Times, separately, reported the presence of one Canadian ship in the Mediterranean.

Denmark: The Danes have contributed six fighter jets in addition to 132 ground personnel, says a report from The Copenhagen Post.

Belgium: The Belgian government has said 6 F-16 fighter-bombers would be ready today, reports the AFP.

Norway: Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg pledged 6 F-16s over the weekend, according to another AFP report.

UAE: An unspecified amount of aircraft from the United Arab Emirates is headed to Italy, reports the AFP.

Qatar: Reinforcements are expected from Qatar, according to The Telegraph.

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