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Manchester City's defender, Kolo Toure, failed his drug test--but not because he was doping. The manager of Toure's former team has clarified that the soccer star was actually snitching his wife's diet pills.

According to the BBC, Toure tested positive last month for a "specified substance," which the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) defines as "one that is more suceptible to a credible, non-doping explanation." Apparently that explanation is that Toure is watching his weight and turned to his wife's diet pills for help. The AFP quotes Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal, Toure's former team, who explains the failed test as "a mistake by forgetting to ask, 'Can I take that?'" Toure has the opportunity to prove himself not guilty by having a B sample of his blood tested. In the meantime, he is suspended from playing with Manchester City.

We're curious about how potentially dangerous, and/or counterproductive, it might be for a professional soccer player to consume dehydrating diet pills. Also, while we're really not trying to poke fun at the poor guy, who clearly has some body image issues, isn't this just a little embarassing? Honestly, what is worse: doping or getting caught stealing your wife's diet pills?

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