The Map of Every A.P. Image of Japan

An interactive map showcasing the news outlets photography since the quake

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In the wake of the Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami, news outlets (including our own) have produced and curated comprehensive gallerys of the emerging photographs.

But, for those looking to pinpoint each of these images to a specific place, the Associated Press Photo Atlas, pictured above, is a unique resource. Plotting all 852 of the news outlet's photographs related to the crisis in Japan from March 11th to the 25th, the interactive map gives observers a sharper sense of some of the areas that were hit hardest by flooding and the quake.

It also reminds us of a crowd-sourced interactive map, image shown below, produced a week ago displaying the Geiger counter radiation readings across the nation. As The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal noted at the time: "this is DIY science with purpose."

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