Videos from the Middle East: Violence Escalates

The news coming out is confusing, but amateur videos are popping up on Youtube

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The news from the Middle East of spreading unrest is chaotic: Protests are turning violent in Bahrain, where there are reports of protesters being shot, while Libya also appears to be cracking down on demonstrators. Much of the news is coming through amateur footage, with all the confusion and uncertainty that that entails. Below, a few of the more recent uploads to Youtube, showing relatively calm protests a few days ago giving way to clips of the developing violence.

We are unable confirm the authenticity of these videos and some do include graphic scenes. We will be updating this page throughout the day.

Al Jazeera English and the BBC report massive anti-government demonstrations in the city of Benghazi, prisoners even breaking free from a city jail. In Tripoli, however, there's footage of pro-Qaddafi demonstrations, Libyan state television showing Qaddafi moving through the crowd in an open-roof vehicle.

One user has just today uploaded footage from the 17th, showing demonstrators carrying away a man with blood over his face and head.

Then there's footage from Youtube user enoughgaddafi, who has uploaded multiple bits of video recorded in different Libyan cities. Here's some, uploaded today, from the 17th, showing the demonstrations.

A more disturbing offering, which the user says is of a man shot by Qaddafi's security forces in Ajdabiya, a town south of Benghazi, where the networks report larger demonstrations are happening.

And another, of "martyrs bodies at the morgue in Libya 2/17/11," location within Libya unclear from the video.

A video claiming to show "protesters in Libya running from gunmen." There are audible explosions of some kind in the background, though the gunmen themselves are never seen.

In the capital, Manama, protesters coming from the funerals of those already killed were shot at by Bahraini security forces, reports the BBC. Today, new videos appeared on Youtube supposedly of the demonstrations and violence of the past few days. Here's one of Manama protests from the 16th. Meanwhile, The Atlantic's Alan Taylor has put together a gallery of photos of the unrest:

It's hard to tell what's happening in this one, labeled as video of security forces "attacking peaceful march in Bahrain." As police attempt to disperse protesters, shots of some type are audible and plumes of smoke appear. Though one can observe a policeman raising his gun, it's not immediately clear if the weapons are loaded with real bullets or rubber.

This one is from today, showing protesters running from the sound of shots.

This seems to be the same area and incident from a different angle, with protesters seen carrying a comrade who appears to be unconscious.

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