Video: Stop Everything, Anderson Cooper Got Kicked

CNN zooms in on its star's Egyptian misadventures

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In case you haven't noticed, there's a revolution happening in Egypt. That means a lot of pushing, shoving and lighting yourself on fire. When Egyptians injure each other on the streets of Cairo, it's pretty big news. But when Egyptians injure CNN's Anderson Cooper, it's really big news. Today the network's Silver Fox was in the middle of a crowd of protesters who were "throwing punches and kicks" and clocking him "in the face." The "Most Trusted Name In News" devoted two segments to Cooper's misadventure:

(To be fair, there's been some pretty disturbing targeting of journalists, which we talked about earlier today). So thankfully, Anderson's OK.

Update: Late last night, Cooper's attack got the Jon Stewart treatment:

Meanwhile, Colby Hall at Mediaite doesn't find this all that funny. "Cooper and co. are doing great, risk-taking work in Cairo. They deserve better than a (literal) Kathy Griffin punch line," he writes. "If Stewart wants to make fun with any kind of journalism at a time like this, perhaps it should be his own low-risk variety."

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