The Best Places to Get Breaking News from Libya

A running list of the best Twitter feeds and live blogs

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Update: Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to deliver speech imminently, reports Al Arabiya. Stay tuned.

As Libya enters its seventh day of protests against the 40-year rule of Moammar Gadhafi's, live blogs and Twitter feeds are offering some of the best information on the nation's turbulence

The violent unrest that inflamed swaths of Eastern Libya this weekend has spread to the capital, Tripoli. On Sunday, Libyan forces opened fire on unarmed demonstrators in Libya's second largest city Benghazi, reportedly killing more than 230 people. Now, thousands of protesters have flooded Tripoli from neighboring towns and are clashing with government forces. Al Jazeera reports that protesters have "burned, looted and destroyed" several buildings including police stations, a court house and the state TV headquarters.  The Guardian is reporting that Libyan war planes are bombing parts of Tripoli to thwart protesters. With events developing so rapidly in the North African country, the best ways to stay abreast of the latest is often by following live blogs and Twitter feeds. Here is what we will be refreshing constantly today:

The Guardian's Live Blog  With updates streaming in around the clock, the London newspaper is highlighting the speech by Moammar Gadhafi's son in which he ensured government forces would prevail. "We are not Tunisia and Egypt," he said. "Muammar Gaddafi, our leader, is leading the battle in Tripoli, and we are with him. The armed forces are with him. Tens of thousands are heading here to be with him. We will fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet."

Al Jazeera's Live Bog  The Qatar-based news service is keeping a nice stream of text and video on its blog. The following shows footage of celebrations in Misrata, a city east of Tripoli, followed by video of anti-government protests in Tripoli's Green/Marty's Square from last night:

Twitter Users  Twitter feeds to pay attention to include NPR's Andy Carvin, Arab affairs commentator Sultan Al Qassemi, the Libyan Youth Movement, Al Arabiya English, CNN's Ben Wedeman and the Reuters breaking news feed.

Enduring America Live Blog The live blog is currently reporting that a pro-Gadhafi newspaper is reporting that "demonstrators hung two state security officers in Al-Bayda."
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