New Zealand Rocked by Earthquake

A powerful quake kills 65 people, traps more in rubble

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A powerful earthquake rocked the city of Christchurch, New Zealand last night, killing at least sixty-five people and possibly trapping over a hundred in rubble. ABC News reports that the quake "caused 30 million tons of ice to fall from New Zealand's largest glacier, 120 miles from Christchurch. Twelve-foot-high waves swept up and down the lake for 30 minutes." Currently, New Zealand authorities are pairing with Australia, the U.S., and other nations to help send special engineering teams to help the rescue effort underway in the city and surrounding area.

The New Zealand Herald reports that, although the quake was not as powerful last year's September 4th shake, "it was much shallower, leading to greater damage." A state of emergency has been declared, and "one-third of the city was reported to be without electricity, with widespread damage to roads, water, sewage and gas infrastructure. Emergency services, though quick to react, were swamped by the scale of the damage," notes The Economist.

Here are images from Christchurch, New Zealand (for more images visit The Atlantic's In Focus photo feature):

Evacuation at a health clinic in Christchurch, NZ (AP/New Zealand Herald)

Rescue workers on collapsed Pyne Gould Guinness building (AP/New Zealand Herald)

Bexley suburb of Christchurch flooded after earthquake (AP/New Zealand Herald)

A car is crushed by a beam in Christchurch, New Zealand (AP/ New Zealand Herald)

A collapsed building in Christchurch, New Zealand (AP/New Zealand Herald

Cars are abandoned in suburban Christchurch (AP/New Zealand Herald)

Toppled spire on the Christchurch Cathedral, NZ (AP/New Zealand Herald)

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