Did China Attack My Blog?

by Brian Glucroft

For those of you who attempted to visit my personal blog recently, you may have noted that it wasn't available for a period of time.  Especially given Ella Chou's fascinating post evaluating the possibilities of a US-China cyber war, you may have thought the Chinese government had retaliated against me for my post detailing their attack plans of a very different nature.

However, I want you to rest assured that no cyber attack occurred (so far, so good, Ella!) and that the momentary offline status of my blog was due to a rather frustrating experience regarding the interesting billing practices at an Internet domain registrar.  If you're still having issues, it should only be a matter of time before your friendly domain name server has been updated.

So, all is good now.  And based on what Ella wrote, I am hopeful it will stay that way.

Based in Shanghai for over 4 years, Brian Glucroft has worked as a researcher in the user experience field for online services, electronic devices, and software companies, including Microsoft China, and has a new blog at Isidor's Fugue.