by Brian Glucroft

Last night, after pointing out some of the excellent contributions from my co-guest bloggers, Jim noted that my photo of a market in Yulin helps highlight a very important side of China that can be lost amongst all the news of its growth and achievements.  I completely agree.

While I plan to later post scenes from other regions, such as I did with Xiapu, I'd like to first provide more local context for the photo which I, too, really love by sharing a few more from Yulin. 

Note: all pictures are from the central area of Yulin.  The suburban districts are another story.

Man with a baby
Central shopping district

Street market food

More of the street market

Boy on a bike

Older neighborhood with traditional architecture

The Smurfs!

Taking a break

One of the main streets

A church

Two girls at a street market (they actually requested to have their photo taken!)

Based in Shanghai for over 4 years, Brian Glucroft has worked as a researcher in the user experience field for online services, electronic devices, and software companies, including Microsoft China, and has a new blog at Isidor's Fugue.

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