I Can't Not Mention This ('Lang Lang as Warmonger' B.S. Dept)

For those American right-wingers, and those Chinese hotheaded fenqing, who were sure, sure, sure that the famous Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang was sticking a harpoon in the side of dunce-like Americans with the song he played at the White House State Dinner, please, please, please listen to his interview this evening with Melissa Block of NPR. (Transcript here.) You are wrong, wrong, wrong:

Sample convincing/exasperated detail, about the Korean War movie that introduced the song: "This movie was like.. when my mother was two years old." His "I am a man of both countries" theme was exactly the tone Lang Lang had when my wife and I were fortunate enough to talk with him at the dinner before he performed, as described here. Now I'm really going away and leaving things to the guests. But had to say it.