Hezbollah's Goldstone Report

Hussein Ibish sees parallels between the Goldstone report on the Israeli incursion into Gaza, and the upcoming U.N. report on the murder of Rafic Hariri. I see certain superficial parallels, at least. Hussein:

Hezbollah's withdrawal from, and collapsing of, the government because the cabinet would not repudiate the tribunal is an implicit admission that the likely contents of the report could be extremely problematic. If the accusations are as damning as anticipated, Hezbollah will probably suffer a similar set of challenges that Israel faced from the Goldstone Report into the Gaza war.
What Hezbollah can look forward to, then, is an extremely embarrassing set of accusations that are difficult to refute; potential legal difficulties for some of its operatives, especially when traveling abroad; a very powerful political cudgel with which it can be beaten and berated by its opponents; and a generalized embarrassment which will discredit and weaken it.