'Al-Jazeera Equals Israel'

Sometimes the Middle East is too weird for words. Witness the anti-al-Jazeera demonstration in Ramallah: "Oh Jazeera, you are spies!" chanted men loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president. They also lit on fire an Israeli flag with "Al Jazeera" written on it, and wrote in graffiti, "Al-Jazeera are spies," and "Al-Jazeera equals Israel." The predicate cause of this riot was the release of the so-called "Palestine Papers," which paint the Palestinian Authority as -- God forbid -- reasonable and pragmatic. (It's not always healthy for Palestinian negotiators to look too moderate, even when they are). But the riot is rooted in the belief, common among Palestinian moderates, that Al-Jazeera is out to get them, a belief that is not wholly fantastical.